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  • PEBKAC S01E04 Mid November Updates!

    This latest episode comes with some great news around PostmarketOS, a PinePhone mod; and some interesting news about updated applications

  • PEBKAC S01E03 Manjaro ARM Interview

    This fortnight, we have a ton of news and updates, so much that I can't get through it all! Stick around until the end to catch a friendly chat with Dan Johansen about his life, his love of RPG's, and information about Manjaro ARM!

  • PEBKAC S01E02 Mid Month Catchup!

    With the release of information surrounding the PinePhone Pro, how could I not release a new episode? This is great news! Also, there's been some amazing things happening recently in the community, I wanted to make sure I caught most of it :)

  • PEBKAC S01E01 Mobian Project Interview

    This is the first episode of the PEBKAC show, where I make my introduction. I hit on some quick fire news, and move on to a rather lengthy conversation with Arnaud (Awai) of Mobian fame.

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