About Me

Who am I?

Just a guy who does stuff – usually badly. This website for example. I can barely make it work, let alone get some of the widgets to do their thing.

Seriously though, just a guy. I worked for a few decent sized tech companies in my day, and now I’m getting a bit passed my prime, I thought a podcast is the perfect way to judge others like the proverbial old man on his porch, yelling at kids to get off the lawn.

So you’re just another boomer?

Nope, not quite that old yet. Maybe in the last 10% of Gen Xers. Got my own wife; kids; dogs, even a cat…

Why are you sitting at home bitching into a mic?

Mostly because I’m a stay-at-home Dad, with nothing better to do.

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Current Donations: $40
Personal Investment: $50
Lost Brain Cells: 1.4mn
Coke Cans: 250 approx
Sanity: -36%
Total: $90